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MAME Game listing for Maze / Shooter Small games

54 records found.
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  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
JunglerJungler  1981  Konami  junglerMaze / Shooter Small9.42
Jungler (Stern Electronics)Jungler (Stern Electronics)  (clone of: jungler1981  Konami (Stern Electronics license)  junglersMaze / Shooter Small0.00
 Kick Boy  1983  Nichibutsu  kickboyMaze / Shooter Small0.00
Lazer CommandLazer Command  1976  Meadows Games, Inc.  lazercmdMaze / Shooter Small3.60
Lost Tomb (easy)Lost Tomb (easy)  1982  Stern Electronics  losttombMaze / Shooter Small9.06
Lunar RescueLunar Rescue  (sample of: lrescue1979  Taito  lrescueMaze / Shooter Small8.41
NATO DefenseNATO Defense  (sample of: natodef1982  Pacific Novelty  natodefMaze / Shooter Small6.67
NATO Defense (alternate mazes)NATO Defense (alternate mazes)  (clone of: natodef) (sample of: natodef1982  Pacific Novelty  natodefaMaze / Shooter Small0.00
Net WarsNet Wars  1983  Orca (Esco Trading Co license)  netwarsMaze / Shooter Small6.00
New Sinbad 7New Sinbad 7  1983  ATW USA, Inc.  newsin7Maze / Shooter Small7.00
Performan (Japan)Performan (Japan)  1985  Toaplan / Data East Corporation  perfrmanMaze / Shooter Small7.00
Phantomas (bootleg of Spectar)Phantomas (bootleg of Spectar)  (clone of: spectar) (sample of: targ1980  bootleg (Jeutel)  phantomaMaze / Shooter Small0.00
Pop Flamer (protected)Pop Flamer (protected)  1982  Jaleco  popflameMaze / Shooter Small6.83
PulsarPulsar  (sample of: pulsar1981  Sega  pulsarMaze / Shooter Small9.47
Rallys (bootleg of Spectar)Rallys (bootleg of Spectar)  (clone of: spectar) (sample of: targ1980  bootleg (Novar)  rallysMaze / Shooter Small0.00
Solar Fox (upright)Solar Fox (upright)  1981  Bally Midway  solarfoxMaze / Shooter Small5.00
Spectar (revision 1?)Spectar (revision 1?)  (clone of: spectar) (sample of: targ1980  Exidy  spectar1Maze / Shooter Small0.00
Spectar (revision 3)Spectar (revision 3)  (sample of: targ1980  Exidy  spectarMaze / Shooter Small7.03
 Tank 8 (set 1)  1976  Atari (Kee Games)  tank8Maze / Shooter Small4.66
 Tank 8 (set 2)  (clone of: tank81976  Atari (Kee Games)  tank8aMaze / Shooter Small0.00
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