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MAME Game listing for Shooter / Misc. Horizontal games

15 records found.
  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
800 Fathoms800 Fathoms  (clone of: mariner1981  Amenip (US Billiards Inc. license)  800fathShooter / Misc. Horizontal0.00
AerobotoAeroboto  (clone of: formatz1984  Jaleco (Williams license)  aerobotoShooter / Misc. Horizontal0.00
Battle of Atlantis (set 1)  1981  Comsoft  atlantisShooter / Misc. Horizontal5.76
Formation ZFormation Z  1984  Jaleco  formatzShooter / Misc. Horizontal6.75
Funky Fish  1981  Sun Electronics  fnkyfishShooter / Misc. Horizontal6.40
In The Hunt (US)In The Hunt (US)  (clone of: inthunt1993  Irem America  inthuntuShooter / Misc. Horizontal0.00
In The Hunt (World)In The Hunt (World)  1993  Irem  inthuntShooter / Misc. Horizontal5.35
Kaitei Daisensou (Japan)Kaitei Daisensou (Japan)  (clone of: inthunt1993  Irem  kaiteidsShooter / Misc. Horizontal0.00
Mag Max  1985  Nichibutsu  magmaxShooter / Misc. Horizontal6.00
MarinerMariner  1981  Amenip  marinerShooter / Misc. Horizontal4.33
Sea Fighter Poseidon  1984    sfposeidShooter / Misc. Horizontal6.00
Silk Worm (World)  1988  Tecmo  silkwormShooter / Misc. Horizontal5.96
Terra Force  1987  Nichibutsu  terrafShooter / Misc. Horizontal7.50
Terra Force (US)  (clone of: terraf1987  Nichibutsu USA  terrafuShooter / Misc. Horizontal0.00
ThunderJaws  1990  Atari Games  thunderjShooter / Misc. Horizontal5.50