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Games created by bootleg (Playmark)

6 records found.
  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
Bad Lands (bootleg)Bad Lands (bootleg)  (clone of: badlands1989  bootleg (Playmark)  badlandsb 0.00
Bad Lands (bootleg, alternate)Bad Lands (bootleg, alternate)  (clone of: badlands1989  bootleg (Playmark)  badlandsb2 0.00
F-1 Grand Prix (Playmark bootleg)F-1 Grand Prix (Playmark bootleg)  (clone of: f1gp1991  bootleg (Playmark)  f1gpb 0.00
Final Crash (bootleg of Final Fight)Final Crash (bootleg of Final Fight)  (clone of: ffight1990  bootleg (Playmark)  fcrash 0.00
JuJu Densetsu (Playmark bootleg)JuJu Densetsu (Playmark bootleg)  (clone of: toki1990  bootleg (Playmark)  jujub 0.00
The King of Dragons (bootleg)The King of Dragons (bootleg)  (clone of: kod1991  bootleg (Playmark)  kodbFighter / 2.5D0.00