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MAME Game listing for Maze games

  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
005005  (sample of: 0051981  Sega  005Maze / Shooter Small6.18
600600  (clone of: turtles1981  Konami  600Maze0.00
Agent Super Bond (Super Cobra conversion)Agent Super Bond (Super Cobra conversion)  1985  Signatron USA  superbonMaze / Shooter Small6.33
Ali Baba and 40 ThievesAli Baba and 40 Thieves  1982  Sega  alibabaMaze7.77
 Alien Syndrome (Mega-Tech, SMS based)  1987  Sega  mt_asynMaze / Shooter Large0.00
Alien Syndrome (set 4, System 16B, unprotected)Alien Syndrome (set 4, System 16B, unprotected)  1987  Sega  aliensynMaze / Shooter Large8.81
Amazing MazeAmazing Maze  1976  Midway  mazeMaze5.19
AmidarAmidar  1982  Konami  amidarMaze / Outline6.92
Amidar (Olympia)Amidar (Olympia)  (clone of: amidar1982  Konami (Olympia license)  amidaroMaze / Outline0.00
Amidar (Scramble hardware)Amidar (Scramble hardware)  (clone of: amidar1982  Konami  amidarsMaze / Outline0.00
Amidar (Stern Electronics)Amidar (Stern Electronics)  (clone of: amidar1982  Konami (Stern Electronics license)  amidaruMaze / Outline0.00
AmigoAmigo  (clone of: amidar1982  bootleg  amigoMaze / Outline0.00
AnteaterAnteater  1982  Tago Electronics  anteaterMaze5.52
Armor AttackArmor Attack  (sample of: armora1980  Cinematronics  armoraMaze / Shooter Small7.23
Armor Attack (prototype)Armor Attack (prototype)  (clone of: armora) (sample of: armora1980  Cinematronics  armorapMaze / Shooter Small0.00
Armor Attack (Rock-Ola)Armor Attack (Rock-Ola)  (clone of: armora) (sample of: armora1980  Cinematronics (Rock-Ola license)  armorarMaze / Shooter Small0.00
Armored Car (set 1)Armored Car (set 1)  1981  Stern Electronics  armorcarMaze9.39
Atomic Punk (US)Atomic Punk (US)  (clone of: dynablst1991  Irem America (licensed from Hudson Soft)  atompunkMaze0.00
BaradukeBaraduke  (clone of: aliensec1985  Namco  baradukeMaze / Shooter Large0.00
BarricadeBarricade  1976  RamTek  barricadMaze / Surround1.69