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Games created by Namco (Midway license)

12 records found.
  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
Bosconian (Midway, new version)Bosconian (Midway, new version)  (clone of: bosco1981  Namco (Midway license)  boscomdShooter / Field0.00
Bosconian (Midway, old version)Bosconian (Midway, old version)  (clone of: bosco1981  Namco (Midway license)  boscomdoShooter / Field0.00
Galaga (Midway set 1 with fast shoot hack)Galaga (Midway set 1 with fast shoot hack)  (clone of: galaga1981  Namco (Midway license)  galagamf 0.00
Galaga (Midway set 1)Galaga (Midway set 1)  (clone of: galaga1981  Namco (Midway license)  galagamwShooter / Gallery0.00
Galaga (Midway set 2)Galaga (Midway set 2)  (clone of: galaga1981  Namco (Midway license)  galagamkShooter / Gallery0.00
Galaxian (Midway set 1)Galaxian (Midway set 1)  (clone of: galaxian1979  Namco (Midway license)  galaxianm 0.00
Galaxian (Midway set 2)Galaxian (Midway set 2)  (clone of: galaxian1979  Namco (Midway license)  galaxianmo 0.00
Pac-Man (Midway)Pac-Man (Midway)  (clone of: puckman1980  Namco (Midway license)  pacmanMaze9.70
Pac-Man (Midway, harder)Pac-Man (Midway, harder)  (clone of: puckman1981  Namco (Midway license)  pacmodMaze0.00
Pac-Man (Midway, with speedup hack)Pac-Man (Midway, with speedup hack)  (clone of: puckman1980  Namco (Midway license)  pacmanfMaze0.00
Pac-Man PlusPac-Man Plus  1982  Namco (Midway license)  pacplusMaze7.13
Rally X (Midway)Rally X (Midway)  (clone of: rallyx) (sample of: rallyx1980  Namco (Midway license)  rallyxmMaze / Driving0.00